Christianity and its Impact on Homosexuality in Singapore

Daryl Xuan


The Singapore government, since the 1990s, has signalled its shift towards a more liberal stance towards homosexuality. My paper analyses the effect that Christian opposition has on the government’s policies towards male homosexuality. First, I will discuss the historical context of the Singapore government’s position on homosexuality and the reason behind its shift in the 1990s. Then I will address the rise of Christianity in Singapore and how it has attained outsized influence in Singapore. Following which, I will outline the strategies undertaken by Christian groups to exert itself on policies regarding homosexuality in order to stop the government from liberalizing its policies towards male homosexuality. I argue that, in spite of the rise of the Christian right in Singapore, the Singapore government’s policies towards homosexuality is liberalising and becoming increasingly receptive, albeit at a slower pace than it would have preferred, due to the opposition from the Christian right.

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