The Columbia East Asia Review (CEAR) is an annual online and print, peer-review academic journal dedicated to furthering knowledge of East Asia and Southeast Asia through the promotion of research and interdisciplinary dialogue. CEAR has three primary goals: first, to publish superior undergraduate research of East and Southeast Asia; second, to educate undergraduate contributors and CEAR members about the academic publication process; and third, to foster interest and idea exchange in the field of East Asian Studies.

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The Oscar Lee Symposium

CEAR hosts the Oscar Lee Symposium at Columbia University. The idea for the forum was conceived in 2007 by CEAR's exectuive board. We want to have organized presentations and then discussions that cover many of the topics within our publication, combining both students and the audience. The 2015 Columbia East Asia Review Oscar Lee Symposium will be held on May 2nd from 1-3 PM in the Broadway Room in Lerner Hall. There will be great presentations about a diverse range of topics. And there will be awesome food and refreshments.


The Columbia East Asia Review was founded in Fall 2007 through the collaborative efforts of Columbia University undergraduates representing the university's four undergraduate schools and a multitude of academic departments. CEAR received initial financial support from the Columbia University Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures and the Weatherhead East Asian Institute at Columbia University and is now recognized by the Activities Board at Columbia. See the complete list of sponsoring organizations.