2016 - 2017 Editorial Board

CEAR's editorial board is comprised entirely of Columbia University students. CEAR editors come from a wide range of academic backgrounds and from a variety of the CU schools—Columbia College, the Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science, the School of General Studies, Barnard College, and SIPA—but are united by their shared interest in East and Southeast Asian studies. Many editors have experience living, working, and studying in East Asia; others have studied one or more areas in the region extensively. To view past editorial boards, please click here.

Xiangting (Sharon) Feng

Xiangting (Sharon) Feng is a history major at Barnard College. Her interest in East Asia began in high school, where she took a Chinese language and literature class and discussed China's modernization and political reforms. After diving herself into East Asian history and culture, she became fascinated with the cinema and performing arts of the region. Her favorites are films of Wong Ka Wai and Stanley Kwan's, Chinese Kun Qu Opera and Japanese Kabuki. She is also an amateur Kendoka at both the Columbia Kendo Club and the New York City Kendo Club. Other than East Asia-related topics, Xiangting is also attracted by late 19th century classical music, British costume dramas, and works of W. Somerset Maugham and Evelyn Waugh.

Yuanya Feng

Yuanya Feng is a third-year student at Columbia College studying East Asian languages and cultures with a concentration in art history. She is a native Chinese and has always been interested in Chinese traditions. Despite her persistent passion for East Asian civilizations, she is constantly intrigued by other cultures especially because she loves travelling. Her current interest is in Tibetan culture, originating from her experience of teaching Tibetan children in a Buddhist monastery.

Bing Guan
Managing Editor

Bing Guan is a senior at the School of General Studies, majoring in history. His experiences as an Australian-born Chinese American have nurtured his academic interests, which include colonialism, transnationalism, international migration, and the overseas Chinese diaspora. He received his scuba diving certification in the Philippines, was once detained by armed rebels in Myanmar under suspicion of spying, and speaks just enough Khmer to order a plate of pork and rice.

Sungmin An
Event's Chair

Sungmin is currently a sophomore in Columbia College studying economics. He was born in Gwacheon, South Korea but spent half of his life in the United States. His main interests include North-South Korean relations, Chinese politics, and geopolitics in the broader Far East region. Outside of CEAR, Sungmin also works as an editor for the Columbia Economics Review and enjoys travelling and reading history books during free time.

Mia Perez
Lead Senior Editor

Mia Perez is a current senior in Columbia College majoring in East Asian Studies and concentrating in Political Science. Within East Asian Studies, Mia is focusing on the history and language of the Chinese region. She studied abroad in Beijing in the fall of 2015.

Heejo Kang
Senior Editor

Heejo Kang is a third-year student at Columbia College studying economics - political science with a concentration in East Asian languages and cultures. She is South Korean by birth but attended school in both Turkey and Taiwan, which sparked her interest in East Asian affairs and the Chinese language. She is very excited to work with the Columbia East Asia Review to deepen her understanding of East Asian relations, with a special focus on China-Taiwan and North-South Korea ties.

Spencer Cohen
Lead Designer

Spencer is a third-year in Columbia College, completing a degree in Middle Eastern Studies and Art History. He is a photographer and graphic designer, originally from New York City. Before entering Columbia, he took a year off to pursue cooking, but ended up mostly doing photography. Over the summer, he backpacked through Japan, completing part of the pilgrimage on the island of Shikoku in the south. He has studied Japanese for five years.

In Young Kim
Associate Editor

In Young is a senior in Columbia College studying East Asian langauges and cultures. Born and raised in Seoul, Korea, she has also lived in Vancouver, Canada for ten years, and is grateful to make New York her third home. Having a special love for languages, she is currently learning Chinese and French, and hopes to start Japanese soon. When not stuck in her room writing papers, she works towards her goal of watching all the Broadway shows before graduation.

Hyun Joo Cho
Associate Editor

Hyun Joo (Harriet) Cho is a third-year student at Columbia College. She is an associate editor of the publication. As an international student from Korea, she has a multi-cultural background, which has inspired her interest in art history, East Asian languages and civilization, and anthropology. She is also a member of the Columbia Architecture Society and the Columbia Art History Club.

Jasmine Bernstein Yin
Associate Editor

Jasmine Bernstein Yin is majoring in History and Modern Jewish Studies at the joint program between Columbia and Jewish Theological Seminary. A native of Shanghai, Jasmine speaks fluent Chinese and Russian. Her academic research interest lies in the field of Chinese Six Dynasties History and Sino-Russian relations. Growing up in a politically engaged household, she particularly devotes her attention to the logics and limits of political reforms in contemporary China. In her free time, Jasmine enjoys visiting museums with East Asian art collections and reading Japanese light novels.

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