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CEAR is a multidisciplinary academic journal of East and Southeast Asian Studies based at Columbia University in the City of New York. CEAR's editorial team (which consists of both undergraduates and graduates) publishes new undergraduate research on East and Southeast Asia annually in both print and online editions. We are dedicated to promoting research and fostering idea exchange in the fields of East and Southeast Asian Studies as well as to providing undergraduates with first-hand experience in the peer-review and publishing process.

Columbia East Asia Review News

The 2015-2016 year is in full swing for CEAR, and we are looking forward to the coming months. Below is some CEAR News:

CEAR would like to thank everybody who has already sent in their submission and would like to remind everyone that we will get back to everyone in late March with our publishing decisions.

CEAR is going to be hosting the Oscar Lee Symposium in May, 2016- the final date has yet to be finalized. There will, of course, be great food and refreshments at the event. If you would like to reserve a seat, then please email info@eastasiareview.org so that we can reserve you a spot.

Finally, CEAR is (as always) looking for new prospective members to join our team. If you are interested in joining, then we would love to have you participate in our club. Please email info@eastasiareview.org so that we can include you on our mailing list and keep you up-to-date on everything that we are doing.

2016 Call for Papers

Our deadline is March 20, 2016. Papers in any discipline by undergraduates or graduates will be considered by CEAR to take part in the Oscar Lee Symposium, a two-hour conference for undergraduates and graduates to present original research on East and Southeast Asia at Columbia University alongisde other students and faculty members.

For more information on submitting to our Spring 2015 edition, see submissions.

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